Rio de Janeiro
09 Jun 2017
8:00 am - 5:00 p.m

Product Description

Samuel Matos Leão and her sister Maria Paula Matos Leão, were diagnosed with the same disease and received the bone marrow transplantation in the same week and same hospital.

Samuel received the donation from an american donor James da Rosa, her sister Maria Paula, received the bone marrow from brazilian donor José Ciocca, that have donated to Pedro Rodrigues in 2010. In Brazil This is an unusual case of donation, when donor has donate for more than one recipient.

Redome invited all of them and their familiy for a cerimony during the 10th National REDOME Council Meeting of Brazilian Bone Marrow Donor Registry, that tooked place from June 07th to 9th at Windsor Florida, Rio de Janeiro. It was the first meet for James and Samuel as well for José Ciocca and Maria Paula. All of them received a award from Cissa Guimarães, a famous actress and TV host in Brazil.



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