«Day of Action» on 16 September 2017

16 Sep 2017
09.00 - 17.00

Product Description

Various events are being held throughout Switzerland on the «Day of Action», Saturday, 16 September 2017, to raise awareness for blood stem cell donations.

Info stands
Around 100 groups with over 400 volunteers will be drawing attention to life-saving blood stem cell donations at various locations around Switzerland and in Liechtenstein.
The Samaritan’s associations, fire brigades, patient groups, medical students, associations, companies and private individuals will be handing out flyers and encouraging passers-by to register as blood stem cell donors for a number of hours.

WhatsApp campaign
This is the first time we will be using mobile communication. We will be sending a WhatsApp message to volunteers on the «Day of Action» that they will then forward to as many friends as possible and ask them to pass this message on to their contacts. If 400 people join in, who then forward the message to four of their own friends, we will already have reached 1,600 people. And if they in turn forward this message, many thousands of people will receive our text: «By registering as a blood stem cell donor, you can give people suffering from leukaemia hope for recovery».

Charity run against leukaemia
The medical students club Marrow is organising a charity run against leukaemia on World Marrow Donor Day.

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