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Join us and motivate as many people as possible to register as potential lifesaver. Find below ideas how you can contribute to a successful celebration of World Marrow Donor Day. All forms of participation for WMDD, big or small, are encouraged. Be creative and let your heart speak. WMDD is open to everyone; Patients, donors, their family and friends, colleagues, companies, transplant centers, donor and/or cord blood registries/organisations, researchers, health professionals and health authorities.


Becoming a donor is relatively easy and you will be joining a club of over 37 million donors globally.

  • Become a stem cell donor today and help that the chance for patients finding their match becomes higher.
  • Commit to being a donor and contact your local registry.
  • Encourage your friends and family to become a stem cell donor.
  • Volunteer with the registry to reach out to the members of your community, and help manage stem cell donor recruitment activities.
  • Participate in World Marrow Donor Day with your social networks.
  • Bake a cake and participate in the WMDD cake-off

Find here the link to the WMDA tool, where you can easily find the contact details of your local registry.

Become a Donor

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Registries and Donor Centres

Strive to win the grand prize of WMDA.

Annually, WMDA awards the organisations that have organised WMDD in an original or creative way.

  • Disseminiate information about the importance of becoming a stem cell donor.
  • Distribute campaign materials that you can download from the World Marrow Donor Day website.
  • Participate in the Global Thank You Donor Video and record a short ‘Thank you donor”video message
  • Organise a virtual World Marrow Donor Day celebration. This could include:
    • Inviting prominent politicians, celebrities and sporting heroes to make videos or communicate the importance of becoming a stem cell donor;
    • Raise awareness for the Global Virtual Donor Drive through your website and scocial media channels;
    • Promoting stem cell donation stories and heroic stem cell donors to your media and on the WMDD website.
September 19, wmdd 2020
Upload here the information from your registry to show to the world your plans.
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Patients & Donors

Are you a patient and would like to thank your donor? Or are you a donor who has donated blood stem cells or marrow and want to share your experience?

Please share your story to us and the world.

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