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Join us for the celebration of WMDD and say ThankYouDonor! All forms of participation for WMDD, big or small, are encouraged. Be creative and let your heart speak. WMDD is open to everyone; Patients, donors, their family and friends, colleagues, companies, transplant centers, donor and/or cord blood registries/organisations, researchers, health professionals and health authorities.


Become a donor

Becoming a donor is relatively easy and you will be joining the millions of donors and cord blood units already listed in WMDA Search & Match Service.

Although there are already many donors, there is still a need for more because for 40% of patients we are not able to find a matched donor in this global registry.

Become a Donor

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September 19, wmdd 2020
Organise your own event to show your support to all donors in the world.
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Are you a patient and would like to thank your donor? Or are you a donor who has donated blood stem cells or marrow and want to share your experience?

Please share your story to us and the world.

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