Changsha Red Cross organizes donor and volunteers to share the story of the donation in hunan,China

Changsha Shi
14 Sep 2018

Product Description

On September 14, Changsha Red Cross launched a speech to share the story of bone marrow donation in furong ,Changsha. More than 400 people participated in this event. We will organizes 10 donor and volunteer speeches in various districts of Changsha. The purpose of this campaign is to make more people aware of hematopoietic stem cells.9月14日,长沙市红十字会造血干细胞捐献主题宣传活动启动仪式在长沙市芙蓉区举行,超过400人参加此次活动,我们还将在长沙市各区县(市)举办10场,这次活动的目的是让更多人了解造血干细胞捐献。


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