TSCDR/ THAILAND/ Buddhist merit-making trip to thank the stem cell donors

13 Sep 2020

Product Description

World Marrow Donor Day was set up by World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA) to let all the countries arranges a campaign to thank stem cell volunteer donors around the world. At present, there are over 38 million volunteers registered as a stem cell volunteer donor. Since 2002, Thai National Stem Cell Donor Registry (TSCDR), National Blood Centre, Thai Red Cross Society is assigned by The Medical Council of Thailand to provide matched unrelated stem cell volunteer donors for the patients by establishing Thai National Stem Cell Donor Registry (TSCDR). Over 18 years, there were 265,605 volunteers registered as a stem cell volunteer donor. Altogether, there were 1,872 Thai patients requested for searching matched unrelated stem cell donor and 398 donors donated stem cell to the patients.

The National Blood Centre, the Thai Red Cross Society, has organized a World Stem Cell Donor Week from 7 – 19 September 2020 to celebrate the success of obtaining more than 38 million stem cell donors worldwide. Also, to show the appreciation to stem cell donors and stem cell donating volunteers. This year, Thai National Stem Cell Donor Registry, arranged a special activity to thank those who donated stem cells to patients which led to stem cell transplant treatments. On September 13, 2020, the Special activity was a “Buddhist merit-making trip to thank the stem cell donors” bringing the stem cell donors and also stem cell followers over 110 persons to trace back the history of Ayutthaya. This included visiting the Bang Pa-in Palace, making merit, paying homage to the Buddha image, exploring the history of the Portuguese community during the Ayutthaya period and having lunch by the river with a special surprise “thank you letter” from patients who received a stem cell transplant from a stem cell donor. Before the end of the trip, the donors were brought to visit the famous Ayutthaya market, the Khong Khong market.

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