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World Marrow Donor Day 2022 is supported by Ontime Courier

Ontime Courier

Ontime Courier is committed to the cause of World Marrow Donor Day and say a big ´THANK YOU´ to all stem cell donors worldwide. Join in and support saving lives by signing up at your local registry today!

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About Ontime Courier

Since its foundation in 1995, Ontime Courier GmbH has specialised in the dispatch of national and international Overnight and Express Shipments, developing a particular core competence in the Life Science (Medical/Pharma) sector. As a result, we have over 20 years of experience in the development and execution of individual and high-quality Express Shipping and Transport solutions, which has also made us, among other things, the world’s leading courier for stem cell transports. Every week, we transport thousands of samples, items, documents and parcels, quickly and on schedule.

Serving patients

Ontime Courier serves patients by going the extra mile. Follow them on LinkedIn to see all the life saving transports they perform around the globe.


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A Story of Saving a Life (Saudi Arabia)

My father used to be in good health without any medical issues. One day we noticed sudden changes on our father’s health. He looked fatigue and exhausted and there was a shocking drop of his weight. We insisted to take him to the hospital during one of our family gatherings to do a full checkup […]

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