#Vote for Life on Israeli Election Day

Tel Aviv-Yafo
17 Sep 2019

Product Description

The Election Day for the Israeli parliament is going to be held on September 17th 2019.
This day gives all citizens the opportunity to exercise their civil right and affect their future. Choosing to join a Bone Marrow Donor Registry gives one the chance to effect patients’ future and save lives!
Israel is a home for diverse ethnic groups such as Ethiopians, Arabs, Druze, Bedouin etc. Our goal at Ezer Mizion registry is to represent the entire spectrum of our population and bring everyone together to celebrate WMDD in Israel with our #Vote for Life campaign.

We will go out on the Election Day with our #Vote for Life red trucks to polling station in different places around the country. Our aim is to raise public awareness to stem cell donations among all populations, celebrate our diversity and invite everyone to sign up and #Vote for Life.

Give someone a chance to live: #Vote for Life and sign up as a stem cell donor!


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