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World Marrow Donor Day 2021 is supported by time:matters
“We are immensely grateful for the support offered by our long time friends at time:matters. Thanks to their generous contribution for World Marrow Donor Day 2021 we are able to expand our services to countries where there is no stem cell transplant activity or a registry yet.” – Lydia Foeken, Executive Director WMDA


We at time:matters are committed to the cause of World Marrow Donor Day and say a big thank you to all stem cell donors worldwide. Join in and support saving lives by signing up at your local registry today!

Become a potential lifesaver

Who is time:matters?

time:matters is the expert for time-critical express transportation. Since 2002, we tailor and combine air, rail and road networks for the high-speed and high-performance demand of our customers.

In 2003 we started directly servicing life science customers and have excelled as trusted partner to our global scientific community of hospitals, biopharmaceutical companies, advanced therapy manufacturers, medical device suppliers and healthcare service providers worldwide.

Our high-performance and GDP compliant network solutions offer our clients service excellence in patient-tailored markets, mitigate supply chain risks and ensure business continuity in a quality-driven and highly regulated environment.

Since 2009, we dedicate an entire specialist team to stem cell logistics with more than 300 qualified couriers on three continents. Alone since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic time:matters has delivered more than 8.000 life-saving stem cell products from unrelated donors to patients in need. But this is not the only way we contribute.

Watch our WMDD videos to find out more:

Stem Cell Transport Cargo Process
How we at time:matters support saving lives

Stem Cell Courier Service Teamlead
How our colleague Nico became a stem cell donor and our contribution to give patients a chance of recovery

Serving patients

time:matters serves patients in many ways; transporting freshly collected temperature-sensitive material like umbilical cord blood immediately to cryo storage facilities – 24/7/365.

Managing logistics of time-critical biological samples for clinical studies or high-reliability services like DNA sequencing.

Ensuring correct processing of handling-sensitive shipments like cryo-preserved biotherapies at airports during export and import.

Loading and unloading is monitored by our own staff, ensuring that all operations run as patient-directed shipments require.

Accompanying life-saving transplants to patients in need worldwide.

time:matters has optimized patient-tailored supply chains for clinical trials and commercial personalized medicine. Find more information here.

Delivering emergency consignments to global destinations within the shortest time. Read more here.

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