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Three-year-old Praise is a bubbly, chatty child; she loves books and reading stories, observing people and learning about life around her. Praise is very creative and likes to draw pictures, make and build things. Sadly, not long after her birth she was diagnosed with an inherited auto immune condition called Chronic Granulomatous Disorder (CGD), that occurs when the white blood cells (which usually helps the body fight infections) are compromised. Having explored a number of treatment plans, a blood stem cell transplant is the best option in order to help Praise beat this. Sadly none of Praise’s family are a…

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Why World Marrow Donor Day?

World Marrow Donor Day (WMDD) is a special day celebrated once per year to thank all blood stem cell donors worldwide. We thank unrelated donors, family donors, cord blood donors, donors who already have donated, and donors who are on the global registry waiting to donate. It is also a day to raise awareness among the general public and decision-makers about the importance of registering as a stem cell donor and the impact of blood stem cell transplantation on a patients’ life.

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WMDD 24h Live Stream

On September 18, 2021, World Marrow Donor Day will be held for the 7th time.

This year's #WMDD2021, we organise a 24-hour live stream! Join the livestream by submitting any engaging interesting/entertaining content. The deadline to submit content is 23 July!

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Thanking all donors worldwide

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