Our Partners

We thank last year’s GOLD Partner: time:matters. Learn more about this life-saving courier company here.

We also thank last year’s SILVER Partners: Royale International, Be The Match and Gift of Life Marrow Registry. Read more about them below.

Without the support of our partners we wouldn’t be able to create the impact we aspire. We are immensely grateful for their generous contributions to our cause to ensure patients worldwide in need of a stem cell transplant have access to high quality cells from donors whose rights and safety are protected. We therefore thank all other organisations that actively participate in World Marrow Donor Day:

Royale International

Royale International is a dedicated company providing a wide range of business-to-business services since 1993.
From very humble beginnings back in their original Kowloon Bay office in 1993 through to present day, they have undergone a tremendous journey that has seen them become one of the world’s leading privately-owned logistics companies.

Their two founders, John Fawcett and Dean Locke, began the company by undertaking deliveries themselves across the city and instilling the work ethic that remains in effect today.

The early 2000’s saw rapid expansion of their network across the globe and Royale is now represented by 42 offices across the globe.

Visit: https://www.royaleinternational.com/ for more information.

Be The Match

For people with life-threatening blood cancers—like leukemia and lymphoma—or other diseases like sickle cell, a cure exists. Be The Match® connects patients with their donor match for a life-saving blood stem cell transplant. Be The Match provides patients and their families one-on-one support, education, and guidance before, during and after transplant. You can help save a life as a committed member of the Be The Match Registry®, financial contributor or volunteer.

To learn more about the cure, visit BeTheMatch.org or call 1 (800) MARROW-2.

Gift of Life

Gift of Life Marrow Registry is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that cures patients battling blood cancer, sickle cell and other life-threatening diseases by providing donors for blood stem cell and marrow transplants. Established in 1991 and headquartered in Boca Raton, Fla., the international organization operates a vertically integrated 32,000 square foot facility housing its donor registry, apheresis collection facility and cellular therapy laboratory.

Its newest division, Gift of Life Biologics, provides cell and gene therapy developers with allogeneically sourced cellular starting material for further manufacture of next generation biologics drugs.

To learn more, visit www.giftoflife.org.

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When Elkhan Zaki-Zada was only one year old he was diagnosed with thalassemia. With thalassemia (“Mediterranean anaemia”), due to a genetic defect, only red blood cells with a reduced ability to transport vital oxygen are produced in the bone marrow. There are several types of thalassemia which differ in terms of severity. Patients who are […]

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