Ready to get active? Join #WMDD and take on the challenge of a lifetime for people with blood cancer. Have a look at the ideas below, and select how you will be saving lives.

World Marrow Donor Day (WMDD) is celebrated all over the world every 3rd Saturday of September to thank and celebrate voluntary stem cell donors, that have signed up selflessly to be a donor for any patient in need of a life-saving stem cell transplant.

In 2024 we’ll celebrate WMDD on September 21st.

What can you do?


Register as a potential lifesaver. If you meet the criteria, you may register as a donor with one of the national organisations. It might take weeks, months or years before you’re found to be the one match for a patient in need and give them a second chance at life. Once you are found to be the match, you will be asked to donate your stem cells.

Encourage your friends and family to become a blood stem cell donor!

Become a potential lifesaver

Financial Support

With your financial support the World Marrow Donor Association assists countries that are developing a transplantation program for patients in their country and/or are starting up a donor registry or donor center.

Make a donation



Are you a patient and would like to thank your donor? Or are you a donor who has donated blood stem cells or marrow and want to share your experience?

Patient and donor storiesTell us your story


Participate in World Marrow Donor Day with your social media networks and raise awareness in your personal community. Encourage your friends and family to become a blood stem cell donor.

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Become a partner

WMDD is not possible without the help of our valued partners. Our partners help WMDD get its wide exposure and make WMDD a truly special day for all marrow donors worldwide.

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Your financial contribution to WMDD will be used to facilitate transplants for patients in need, especially in countries where there is currently limited transplant activity. WMDA develops and maintains a platform that ensures transplant coordination between countries, as 50% of unrelated transplants are performed after international exchange of stem cells. With your donation we can continue the work we do and help onboard more countries, making equity of care more than just a phrase.

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