Raise Awareness

If you want to do more than register as a stem cell donor, or if you are ineligible to be a donor, e.g. because of your age, or because of medical reasons, there are other ways to contribute to our cause by spreading awareness. You might not be able to donate, but that doesn’t mean you cannot inspire others to sign up as voluntary stem cell donor.

Why not spread the word? You can do so by talking to people about voluntary stem cell donation and you can be an advocate on social media as well.

Looking for inspiration? Download our World Marrow Donor Day (WMDD) materials to participate and celebrate WMDD. We provide dated and timeless materials for the printed as well as the social media materials. Scroll down and click on the ‘Download’ buttons to access all materials.


20170523-WMDD-Media materials voor website page2

Description Format File type
Poster A2 format idml (InDesign)
Flags 100 x 300cm idml (InDesign)
Flag 1 100 x 300cm idml (InDesign)
Flag 2 150 x 100cm idml (InDesign)
Roll-up banner 85 x 200cm idml (InDesign)
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20170523-WMDD-Media materials voor website page

Description Format File type
WMDD logo (also translated in 30+ languages) all formats PNG, JPEG
#THANKYOUDONOR logo (also translated in 30+ languages) all formats PNG, JPEG
Facebook header 1200 x 444 pixels JPEG
Facebook profile image 520 x 520 pixels JPEG
Facebook promo banner 500 x 500 pixels PNG, JPEG
Press release template Editable, 2 pages Docx
WMDD background Editable, 1 page Docx
Toolkit Overview of all materials and how to use them PDF
All social media materials are now also available without date
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The Story of a Real Warrior (India)

Our donor, Mr. Baltej Singh, is a 38-year-old healthy man who belongs to a farmer family and has great faith in ‘God’. Every day he goes to Gurudwara. In fact, his day begins with a visit to Gurudwara. Four years ago, back in 2016 during a donor awareness and recruitment camp held at Gurudwara Fatehghar […]

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