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Happy World Marrow Donor Day! Join the global effort and send a huge #ThankYouDonor to all heroes who signed up as blood stem cell donor. #WMDD2021

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Follow the #WMDD ‘moment’ to stay up to date about all that is happening for #WMDD2021 ⚡️ “World Marrow Donor Day 2021” by @WorldMarrowDonorDay

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September 18th is #WMDD2021. Spread the word to create awareness, and open the dialogue about the importance of blood stem cell donation in your community.

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#WMDD2021 is a perfect occasion for you to become a blood stem cell donor yourself. Want to potentially save someone’s life too? Find out how by using our simple tool; click the link for more information.

“Save Workanash” (Israel)

Workanash, “pure gold” in Amharic, was born thirty years ago in Ethiopia and immigrated to Israel at age 4. She is currently working on her Master’s degree in psychodrama. Her dream is to help people and to raise a family. In March 2018, Workanash was diagnosed with acute leukemia and urgently needed a stem cell […]

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