I support Saving life – Bone Marrow Donor Story (Hong Kong) | 拯救生命嘅故事 – 骨髓捐贈

“Yes, of course I am willing to donate my bone marrow!” The affirmative answer from Hedy from the other side of the phone still lingered today, even after months of her donation.

Hedy is a Bone Marrow Donor. She is also a former employee of Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service(BTS), one of her duties involved in promoting the importance of bone marrow donation and recruiting bone marrow donors.

After knowing there was a match among our colleagues from BTS, Hong Kong Bone Marrow Donor Registry(HKBMDR) called Hedy directly via internal line. “With no doubt, I am willing to donate my bone marrow to the patient in need.” She replied instantly with no hesitation.

“When I was in the operation theatre, ready to proceed the donation operation, I truly realised that I am saving the patient’s life as well as their family’s and friends’.”  Becoming the “chosen one” to an unrelated patient was an exciting experience for Hedy, we can see how passionate she is in saving lives throughout the interview before and after the donation.

Bone Marrow Donation is the purest act of kindness to humanity. We truly thank our former colleague Hedy for her generous donation. We hope that this interview can inspire you to become a donor. Please register!

The Hong Kong Bone Marrow Donor Registry has made a video of Hedy’s donation journey. You can view her video here (not in English).