Know Jorges’ history (Spain)

The truth is, a lot of people wait for bad news to register as a donor, and I’m no different. I decided I wanted to donate when a family friend was diagnosed with leukemia. And I think that’s the only thing I regret; having waited for something to happen that made me want to donate marrow. The truth is that I would do it again without hesitation.

My name is Jorge, I am twenty years old and I just became a donor. They called me in May to let me know that there was a patient compatible with me, about six months after I joined the registry, and they asked if I was still willing to do so. Of course I did, I replied. How could I not? If you had the opportunity to help someone live, wouldn’t you?

The treatment that the team has given me is exemplary, all the staff are great and it shows that what they do what they are passionate about. Believe it or not, feeling that around you there is a circle of people willing to give their all so that a patient has a worthy treatment motivates. You are part of the process like them, from the person who calls you on the phone the first time to the nurse who prepares you to extract your bone marrow. It’s a wonderful experience and it gives you the opportunity to do something that until very recently was considered impossible: Fight leukemia.

I firmly believe that anyone who is eligible to donate marrow should at least think about it. Because today he is an anonymous patient, but tomorrow I could be the one who needs him. And knowing that someone somewhere would do their part to help me get a second chance is what makes me want to be on Team Marrow.

Imagine that in ten years we are enough to stop considering this lethal disease. It is worth being a part of this!