Ray Of Hope For A Mother (India)

What could be more grievous for a parent other than knowing about their child’s dreadful health. Sharing my experience when I came to know that our son – Arhaan was suffering from a life threatening genetic disease called beta thalassemia six years back.

Our world went upside down. It was devastating to see our son pricked with needles many times every month. Doctors told that a stem cell transplant could save us from that misery. Otherwise this blood transfusion process was life long.

We came in contact with Genebandhu. In few months, team Genebandhu was able to find a suitable donor for Arhaan. But the fight was not over. People have misconceptions about donating stem cells. Same was the case with Arhaan’s donor and his family. Team Genebandhu explained them how simple the procedure would be and removed their fear. From that time on, team Gene Bandhu stayed with us as a family and we are very grateful to them & their founder Dr. Vimarsh Raina Sir who is selflessly doing this wonderful job.