Dulce (Argentina) meets Nairo (Brazil)

Nairo is a Brazilian donor, who donated bone marrow on January, 2014.

On July, 2015 he contacted Redome to know about his recipient, after this he sent an anonymous letter to Redome. After approval Redome sent it to recipient’s Registry. The recipient name is Dulce, she is a 6 years old girl from Argentine. After receive the letter Dulce’s family were really excited to know the Brazilian donor and they decided to release her personal information. When they assigned the consent forms recipient’s family shared a video by e-mail with some special moments from Dulce since she noticed about her diagnosis, her waiting period for a compatible donor and her bone marrow transplant. (link)

Nairo_DulceSince the moment they started to have phone and social media contact, the donor and his family were planning to travel to Argentine to meet Dulce and her family. When Redome noticed their wish, he invited them and their families to encounter one each other face to face for the first time at the Redome’s annual meeting that happened from june 15th to june 17th at Windsor Guanabara hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


During their visit, a Brazilian TV program knew this special history and also invited donor and recipient to participate and tell their experience.