The reality for Emma (USA)

Imagine that you are 10 years old, fighting a rare, life-threatening blood disorder. You need a bone marrow transplant to survive. You’re in and out of the hospital and having tests done all the time. There are so many numbers that are confusing and scary.

That’s a reality for Emma. And she is asking for help.“The power of a blood stem cell transplant can save a life. The power of love is your choice to step up and help kids like me.”

Ten-year-old, Emma daydreams about going back to school, playing soccer with her friends, and – surprisingly for such a young child – simply not being tired all the time. Diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia (AA) in early 2019, Emma has been forced to give up her usual activities and routines, confronted by the reality that even sitting and reading a book can become an exhausting activity.

With their lives currently a blur of hospital visits and blood transfusions, Emma’s doctors have told her family that the only cure for her disease is to receive a stem cell transplant from a matching donor. Though the search began with great hope, now over a year later Emma is still unable to find the match she needs to have a second chance at life. Could you be the difference?