The Story of a Real Warrior (India)

Our donor, Mr. Baltej Singh, is a 38-year-old healthy man who belongs to a farmer family and has great faith in ‘God’. Every day he goes to Gurudwara. In fact, his day begins with a visit to Gurudwara.

Four years ago, back in 2016 during a donor awareness and recruitment camp held at Gurudwara Fatehghar Sahib in Punjab, India Mr. Baltej Singh came forward and said just one sentence “If I could save someone’s life, it would be a privilege for me.”
Here are a few words from him, addressed to his Genebandhu, or genetic brother:

Dear Recipient,

I do not know you, but the one thing I’m told is that we share the same genetic DNA, as similar as if we were twin brothers.
Never had I imagined that God would give me such a great opportunity, until one day in 2018 Genebandhu contacted me and gave me the good news that I am a perfect match for you.

The team visited my home to collect a small quantity of my blood for confirmatory and viral tests. A couple of months later, I received another call informing me that it was me to donate my stem cells and that I would be given growth factor injections for the next few days. While being injected with the growth factor, all I could think of was how this pain is next to nothing compared to the pain you must have suffered from because of that damned disease for so many months. After four days, I finally donated my stem cells. The bag containing the things necessary for you also carried my love, care, hope, courage and best wishes for you.

I know that thanks to these cells, you will soon be completely recovered, and your days will be much happier and brighter than what they were before. As for advice, I do not think you require any as you truly have been a warrior against this disease. I hope for you to enjoy every moment of your life to the fullest.

I would also like to thank the Genebandhu registry’s team for doing such a fantastic job, through which I got the privilege of saving a life.

And of course, I would also like to thank the nurses and the apheresis unit of the Hospital.