World Marrow Donor Day 2021

The seventh edition of World Marrow Donor Day featured a 24-hour live stream with video’s from around the globe and many other local events and campaigns were organised.

The winners:

  • Grand Prize- Gift of Life Marrow Registry, USA
  • Originality Prize – Czech Stem Cell Registry – Prague, Czechia
  • Incentive Prize – Stem Cell Club Canada, Canada

Watch the recording and be inspired by how the winners and nominees organised their day:

Recording nominees and prize winners

WMDD 2021 was a special edition again, because of the ongoing the COVID-19 pandemic, which was hindering us from organising big events. Fortunately, our community was extremely creative in organising the 2021 edition of World Marrow Donor Day. Here’s an overview in the report that the World Marrow Donor Association created for the EU: view report.

The recording below shows the 24hr Live Stream introduction video: